BRI is a native token of, and has multiple utility:

Order Rewards
Users are rewarded a premium in BRI tokens each time they place an order on the exchange.
Staking Rewards
For staking BRI, users will receive a part of the exchange revenue, paid in USDT, USDC, ETH, and WBTC.
Order Cancelation (Future)
If the users decide to cancel their orders before the maturity period, they can use their BRI tokens to pay the order cancellation fee.
Liquidity Mining
Users can provide liquidity to earn trading fees and BRI tokens.
Governance Power (Future)
BRI token gives its holders the rights to exercise governance power in the developmental activities of Brightpool ecosystem.

the allocation


Distribution of


BRI's Tokenomics design is centred around the benefits of community. A majority of the share – 80% of the total token supply – is allocated for order rewards. This means that the emission of new BRI tokens is directly correlated with the volume and revenue of the exchange.


3% will be distributed to the users in the form of order rewards, airdrops, launchpad, IDO, liquidity mining, and external DEX liquidity. The remaining tokens will be allocated to the project's developmental activities including the Brightpool Development team, advisors, and to raise funds for the private sale.

Private sale
Liquidity & Mm & Lm
Marketing & Partnerships
Reward reduction
As the volume on the exchange increases, the value of the reward for the order will be reduced using a constant reward reduction algorithm. This is a proven supply reduction mechanism used in Bitcoin. Early adopters of the exchange will be rewarded the most. This incentive – to use the exchange in its early stage – will drive the revenue.

Order Reward Limits

There are two types of limits in terms of minting BRI tokens that are paid out as order rewards.

Daily minting limits
The smart-contract based BRI token minting engine mints 5 BRI per second. These newly-minted tokens will be accumulated in an order reward pool. The value of this pool will never exceed a maximum threshold. If it reaches the limit, then the minting engine stops and waits for the pool value to deplete to a certain level. Order reward size is proportionally affected by the total value of the order reward pool.
Order size reward limits
As the order value increases from the standard point, a slippage function is introduced in calculating the order reward size. The greater the order value, the higher the slippage value is.


In the future the BRI governance token will vest community members with the ability to decide on new listings, partnerships, and development plans.

Powered by a voting system to steer growth and democratize key decisions, BRI holders will be able to determine certain Brightpool activities.