limit orders

Our core functionality

Limit orders with 1 to 28 days settlement time.

Currently you can trade WETH, USDT, USDC.

While initiating a transaction, your reward in BRI token is calculated and issued immediately after placing an order.

Get this!

Even if your order is not completed at the end of your maturity period, you keep the reward.


BTC Price: 22 000 USD

Order to sell 1 BTC at 22 000 USD

Reward 1 000 USD in BRI

22 000 USD


Day 1
Day 7

You want to sell 1 BTC for 22 000 USD with a 7-day maturity. After this time, if BTC price is equal to or greater than 22 000 USD, the user receives 22 000 USD. If the price is lower than 22 000 USD, they receive their 1 BTC back.

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Generally, when trading on decentralized exchanges, there is a slippage fee and a commission charged by the DEX. Instead of charging commission, Brightpool rewards users for placing orders according to the order size, transaction price, and current market conditions. Reward size value can range up to a few thousand USD.

Rewards are paid in BRI tokens.

Coming soon

BRI is a gate to Brightpool staking and yield in stablecoin, WETH, WBTC, etc.

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